08 Sonnet’s

You knew the way there’s no intent to be
Yet caution is lost in a pilgrim soul
Such Godless sweet lies uttered timidly
While hidden behind a coveted stole
Whispers with an imperceptible lisp
Silence began undermining the trust
Deafness preceeded a wanderer’s kiss
While madness enveloped ascending lust
Never one tied in fate or destiny
Waters settle and the summer has gone
Answers drown the questions of faith in me
Following still lifeless courses alone
You know the way fearful refused a part
I made those lies to crush a damaged heart


08 Haiku’s

Can’t go on alone
So unhappy together
We’re always alone

Don’t look at myself
Invisible in a crowd
Everyone can see

Why won’t you call me
And crush this pain even more
Time to leave me be

I’ve seen such great heights
I have the power to soar
But I lie here still

I’ll pass here in time
On a journey not yet planned
For a better man

07 Limerick’s

A young man that kept asking questions
Refused to consider suggestions
To stop being so nosey
As perhaps I suppose he
Hadn’t got to all of his best ones

A young man that kept asking questions
Found silence would cause him depressions
So if it went quiet
He’d begin a riot
Noise and chaos were his obsessions

07 Haiku’s

A life lived alone
Until such time that paths crossed
Is less empty now

As we become two
This responsibility
Fills up my daytime

Finding a soulmate
Even if you weren’t looking
Makes life more hectic

This is your story
Of loves final destiny
But who really cares

The end of the day
And nothing has really changed
Except you’re poorer

07 Song

We started as though we were kings
Living this life of joy
Although now reality brings
Times a little more coy

This is the life we both wanted
Not knowing what would come
We wait for someone to tell us
How you can know the one

Is the choice to settle or not
Now that the calm has come
But if the game never ends then
How’d we know who has won


Life is a chance you have to take
When you don’t know for sure
Uncertainty seems a way of
Keeping the future pure


07 Sonnet

I have been here before and thought of you
Not knowing if you were ready to meet,
Your journey began with an opposed view
Although all dissent insists on a beat.
Paths crossed in haste are rarely determined
As intent gives way on destiny’s course,
A lonely desire is nonetheless twinned
As free will is subject to life’s dead force.
So now I await your arrival here
Unsure if I’ll travel this road again,
If arrows fly straight there’s no point to fear
Despite reckonings including such pain.
Ground tread in hope can be retread in haste
But the land cares not if it falls to waste.

07 Villanelle

A lazy Sunday passing through Bilboa
Guided by a new unforgiving light
Missing and wishing you were here somehow

A promise of freedom over the brow
While resisting the obvious is quite
A lazy Sunday passing through Bilboa

Such feelings arise I shouldn’t allow
As the days lost hold gives way to the night
Missing and wishing you were here somehow

Occasional oath and committed vow
Forgotten despite strength, passion and might
A lazy Sunday passing through Bilboa

Thoughts of last summer remembering how
The evening offered a tempting respite
Missing and wishing you were here somehow

City fields crossed behind tracks of a plough
As the future stretches far out of sight
A lazy Sunday passing through Bilboa
Missing and wishing you were here somehow