07 Haiku’s

A life lived alone
Until such time that paths crossed
Is less empty now

As we become two
This responsibility
Fills up my daytime

Finding a soulmate
Even if you weren’t looking
Makes life more hectic

This is your story
Of loves final destiny
But who really cares

The end of the day
And nothing has really changed
Except you’re poorer


06 Haiku’s

Contemplating Lust

A physical touch
Faithfully offered by hand
Turns spiritual

Coming together in time
Completely merging

Lying in your arms
Almost motionless breathing
Feeling so alive

Wanting to free you
Your potential frightens me
Wanting to own you

Angel I hate you
You are driving me crazy
Devil I love you

05 Haiku’s

Contemplating Water

The smallest trickle
Silently biding its time
Will destroy this land

Honest waterfall
Freshly spraying purity
Will rot underneath

Leaf on the river
Carelessly shed by its host
Is alive again

The rhythm of life
As the rain beats its own drum
While we run and hide

A nondescript sense
Forming the basis of life
Giving abundance

04 Haiku’s

Contemplating Animals

Sniffing at the ground
And tempted by the soil
Nature knows no shame

A bug drills the bark
And with no sign of motive
Neither seems to care

A bird on a branch
Sinking under its own weight
Bouncing in the sky

Swinging on a branch
Carefree spirits do not know
They are safely held

A squirrel runs out
From this tree going somewhere
I will never know

03 Haiku’s

Contemplating Love

Surrounded by friends
Before meeting each other
Feeling so alone

Blinded by your love
The very instant we meet
I see clearly

You cleared a way for me
To conquer the world

Finding our freedom
In each other’s company
Now utterly lost

A desolate world
As the circle too soon closed
Forever inside

02 Haiku’s

Contemplating Oceans

Seemingly so warm
Water washes over me
Refreshingly cold

Seagull so graceful
Furiously kicking out
Below the surface

Fish diving deep down
Gliding so effortlessly
Looking almost still

Ship building giants
Feats of great engineering
Easily swallowed

A violent crash
As the waves fracture and break
Gently strokes the shore

01 Haiku’s

Contemplating Trees

Swaying in the wind
A tree betrays youthfulness
And is not yet strong

Leaves fall from the tree
Before catching on the breeze
And shooting to life

The majestic tree
Leaves all breathless and in awe
Giving up its life

Once solid and tall
A fallen tree slowly dies
And no one will help

I walk in the woods
As the sun sets overhead
And I walk no more