07 Song

We started as though we were kings
Living this life of joy
Although now reality brings
Times a little more coy

This is the life we both wanted
Not knowing what would come
We wait for someone to tell us
How you can know the one

Is the choice to settle or not
Now that the calm has come
But if the game never ends then
How’d we know who has won


Life is a chance you have to take
When you don’t know for sure
Uncertainty seems a way of
Keeping the future pure



06 Song

Such hope I had when I was young
To meet a soul mate true
And then as you walked past one day
I thought it would be you

I see from that look in your eyes
You think that you own me
But you will never know inside
What it means to be free

But as we lived life together
It started to be clear
That my life is not lived at all
If lived in quiet fear


It was easy to say goodbye
What broke me at the seams
Was letting go of innocence
My one time childish dreams


05 Song

You can’t say I didn’t try
To be what you wanted to be
You can’t say I ever lied
It just never felt right for me

Today is a new day and I’m going my own way
I know this is not what you want me to say
I know this is not how you want me to play
But today is a new day, I’m going my own way

I get that you’re so angry
That I am no longer the same
You lost that free pass from me
This was only ever a game


All I go with is your hate
But I know that it’s hard to see
I’m now making my own fate
This is the best version of me


04 Song

We knew this was what we both wanted so much
And excitement filled those early days
It’s true to say I couldn’t deny your touch
As we ignored our different ways

So here we stand after the fall
How can it be you never heard my call?
How can it be I never felt so small?
It’s true you never knew me at all

Maybe sometimes things do not last forever
And sometimes things are just meant to end
Fate’s not to blame if you won’t work together
Do you think just one person can mend?


To be with you I need to give up on me
That’s not something I could ever do
I tried so hard but you did not want to see
I have to be me, you can be you


03 Song

If you walk through this life looking at the floor
And you think to yourself you can’t take no more
Think of the power rising within
This is your turn and your chance to win

Be true to yourself don’t listen to them
Don’t work so hard just say when is when
Stay in touch with your friends, love your family
And throughout it all be happy happy

You made it this far so you can carry on
Just keep going forward from where you came from
Don’t turn around the future’s ahead
Open your eyes be happy instead


So now you move forward with joy in your heart
Today is the day that you make a new start
Give love to the world, everything’s free
Throughout it all be happy happy


02 Song

Cute smile, long curly hair
Soft lips, thousand yard stare
Your life, living the dream
Your life, not what it seems

What did you expect me to think
When you told me you would never leave?
Then with the very next blink
I’ve only got to believe

Blue eyes, looking at me
Dark soul, nothing’s for free
Your walk, swagger and pride
No rules, I took the ride


Lips part, soft spoken words
Sounds like, I’ve never heard
Your hands, came from above
Catch me, forever love


01 Song

You took me apart one by one
Then smiled as you said ‘we were done’
Left with pieces of me on the floor
I wouldn’t resist you anymore

Am I your masterpiece
Or is there more to come?
Let me be your masterpiece
Let me be the one

With all my faith in me and you
I planned the perfect life for two
Why was that plan never shared?
Why was it that you never cared?


You taught me only I could rebuild myself
So here I stand with strength in health
I no longer need to ask you why
I no longer need to sit and cry